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Economic sectors

The city has seen steady economic development in several sectors as well as the banking and fiduciary sectors.

Its central position on the north-south route, acting as a bridge between Milan and Zurich, has led to the development of a dynamic commercial sector. This also allowed for the development of a strong industrial sector characterised by its high-tech content with companies operating in the mechanical engineering, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors.

Lugano is also undergoing a profound urban transformation, upgrading its road systems, planning new districts and creating several top quality architectural projects, which will certainly have a positive effect on the economy.

Following on from the establishment of Ticino University (1996), many specialised research institutes arrived, including the new Swiss National Supercomputing Centre, and this has allowed Lugano to play a key role in research  and in the knowledge society.

Lastly, tourism and congresses are two flagship sectors in Lugano's economy.

Last modified 01 September 2016