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Lugano, a Swiss City

Lugano is a city of 65,000 people in the sub-alpine lake district at the very southern tip of Switzerland; to the east, it borders the Italian province of Como. The city, situated within a natural amphitheatre made up of hills and mountains overlooking the lake, is dominated by Monte Bré and Monte San Salvatore, view-points offering thrilling panoramic vistas.

Over the years, Lugano has undergone a process of constant transformation: from a mediaeval fishing village with a significant agricultural sector and rural way of life to a popular 19th-century destination for tourists; its Belle Époque heyday was followed by its present identity as a centre for conference tourism.

Over the last few decades, economic development and administrative reorganisation have allowed Lugano to free up the resources needed to promote new urban development projects; thanks to the establishment of Ticino University, the city now plays host to an array of specialised research institutes. It has thus been able to play a key role as a knowledge society hub. Nowadays, Lugano is an attractive city for many high added value professions typical of the new services sector.

Last modified 18 October 2018