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The Future is made of relations - The politics of the City of Lugano

Building improved relations implies a new way of thinking which envisages the interaction of different cultures to create a future where the cooperation between cities and countries is an integral part of their competitiveness.

The world is rapidly changing before our very eyes, every day. Economy is globalizing, new countries are approaching international markets, society changes and also the rules keep on changing for all players. Like the definition of company, the concept of City itself is changing: Cities, businesses and people are becoming systems of relations.

In this perspective, the City of Lugano decided to launch a wide programme of public relations, aimed at promoting its image and resources on different levels, through the optimization of connections and relations with different partners and interlocutors.

The realization of this policy aims at placing Lugano among the most attractive and dynamic European cities, thanks to the development of long-lasting relations leading to the creation of multi-sector cooperation platforms.

Last modified 30 March 2015

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