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  • Mayor: represents the City, chairs the Town Hall and heads the municipal administration
  • Municipality: is the governing and decision-making body of the city administration
  • City Council: is the legislative body of the city

The municipal administration is divided into 7 departments: Institutional (Chancellery, Human resources, Communication and institutional relations, Economic development); Consultancy and Management (Finance, Legal affairs, Information technology); Real Estate; Security and Urban Spaces (urban Services, Police, Fire service); Training, Support and Social Relations (Education, Prevention and support, Social services); Culture, Sport and Events; Regional Development (Urban planning, environment and mobility, Private construction).

The city is composed by 21 districts: Barbengo, Besso, Bré-Aldesago, Breganzona, Cadro, Carabbia, Carona, Castagnola-Cassarate, Cureggia, Davesco-Soragno, Gandria, Loreto, Lugano-Centro, Molino Nuovo, Pambio Noranco, Pazzallo, Pregassona, Sonvico, Val Colla, Viganello, Villa Luganese.

Last modified 01 September 2017

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