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  • Mayor: represents the City, chairs the Town Hall and heads the municipal administration
  • Municipality: is the governing and decision-making body of the city administration
  • City Council: is the legislative body of the city

The municipal organisation is structured in the 15 departments as follows: General Administration, Cultural Activities, Social Affairs, Education, Private Building, Public Building and Civil engineering, Finance, Integration and Social information, Environment and Mobility, Police, Fire Brigade, Sport, Urban Services, Tourism and Events,

The city is composed by 21 districts: Barbengo, Besso, Bré-Aldesago, Breganzona, Cadro, Carabbia, Carona, Castagnola-Cassarate, Cureggia, Davesco-Soragno, Gandria, Loreto, Lugano-Centro, Molino Nuovo, Pambio Noranco, Pazzallo, Pregassona, Sonvico, Val Colla, Viganello, Villa Luganese.

Last modified 30 March 2015

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