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Craigie Horsfield - Of the Deep Present

12 March – 2 July 2017 - LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura

The Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana, in collaboration with the Centraal Museum of Utrecht, devotes a major monographic exhibition to the work of Craigie Horsfield, a British artist who has developed sometimes influential ideas of social relation and “slow” time as well as conducting outstanding research into the nature of the photographic image itself.

Portraits, still lifes, as well as moments from everyday life, rites and ideas concerning society and individual being and relation are the recurring images in his work, explored by using innovative techniques that erase the boundaries between the various artistic disciplines.

Indeed, photography is just one of the many overlapping genres in this artist’s output: starting from a negative, or a video still, Horsfield produces large-scale works made by using a surprisingly wide range of techniques, such as tapestries and frescoes.

The narrative structure of this exhibition evolves through a passage of attention focusing on Horsfield’s most emblematic works; these are often monumental works, for instance, the majestic tapestry devoted to the apocalyptic scene at Ground Zero, or the one depicting the Gulf of Naples in an ambiguous night-time vision.

The remarkable trajectory that is brought about casts light on the relations that occur in between events that transpired in places and moments that are apparently far apart, between the people who took part in them and the viewers who are discovering the exhibition.

Last modified 15 March 2017

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