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Picasso - A Different Gaze

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, 18 March – 17 June 2018

From 18 March to 17 June 2018, the Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana in Lugano pays homage to the great Spanish master with the exhibition Picasso. A Different Gaze, held in collaboration with the Musée national Picasso-Paris and curated by Carmen Giménez, one of the foremost experts on the artist. By focusing on the relationship between drawing and sculpture, the exhibition offers new insights into Pablo Picasso’s imaginative process.

In the course of his long life the artist had in fact created an incredible wealth of works, many of which were drawings. With 105 drawings and 15 sculptures, all made between 1905 and 1967, the exhibition at MASI presents a survey of each phase of the Spanish master’s artistic evolution. The selection offers an unprecedented view of his creativity, casting light on the artist's role in the development of twentieth-century art with particular attention to works that are unknown to the public at large and are able to enrich the conventional interpretations of his work. Mainly on display are works on paper, related to a more intimate side of Picasso, alongside some of his sculptures: these were two of the artist's preferred techniques, which have rarely been placed side by side, and in this case are allowed to 'converse'.

Although Picasso has undoubtedly received more public exposure than any other artist, he is nonetheless also the most enigmatic. The artist historian Maurice Rheims, tasked by France to catalogue the artist's personal possessions when he died, came across over 60,000 unpublished works. It was like finding a “Picasso in Picasso”, who was equally remarkable. Since then, this fortuitous discovery has compelled numerous scholars to trace unexplored paths and cast light on Picasso's artistic trajectory. In Picasso. A Different Gaze, alongside some of the best known masterpieces of the artist, the exhibition presents some of the more personal and less exhibited works, thus illuminating several areas of his output that have remained mostly hidden. Several among the works on show carry references to the women, the places, the circumstances of Picasso’s life. The exhibition thus allows us not only to retrace the artist's career, but also to deepen his extraordinary personality.

Last modified 23 March 2018

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