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Lugano brings together all the events and manifestations of a metropolis of great class while retaining the characteristics of a City on a human scale

Autumn is an opportunity to live the "Autumn Festival" and the winter is characterized by the "Christmas in Piazza" in the square with the beautiful tree lit by children in Piazza Riforma, with the stalls offering typical products of gastronomy and local crafts and the skating rink in Piazza Manzoni. The winter season is also the time for major theatrical performances (as LuganoinScena to name, but one) and concerts.

In Spring and Summer in Lugano exceptional concerts are held with the Project Martha Argerich, Estival Jazz, Poestate, with the popular Crossing of Lake Ceresio, the ride into town and StraLugano and Sportissima.

Last modified 29 October 2018