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LAC - Lugano Art and Culture

Lugano’s new cultural centre, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura was created with the aim of adding value to the cultural and artistic life of the city and the region


With a volume of 180,000 m³ the imposing structure rises over the site of the former Palace hotel. The strong point of the LAC’s design is its proximity to the lake. The entrance hall (650 m²) which provides access to the theatre and concert hall is a huge window which makes the interface between interior and exterior almost invisible.


The Museo d’Arte della Svizzera Italiana was born from the merging of the Museo Cantonale d’Arte with the Museo della Città. Comprising 5 floors, 2000 m², it was designed to allow the art works themselves to be protagonists, to be a space for silence and contemplation. One floor contains the permanent collection, the other 1820 m² are dedicated to temporary exhibitions. At around 600 m², a single floor of the LAC has the same exhibition area as the entire Villa Malpensata, the current location of the city’s Museo d’Arte.


800 m², 1000 seats, a modular acoustic shell, a disappearing orchestra pit: here is a concert hall that can transform into a theatre and be a venue for any kind of performance, from symphonies to jazz, from opera to musicals, from dance to spoken theatre. Thanks to the collaboration between architect Ivano Gianola and Müller BBM of Munich (leader in the engineering field), the LAC’s theatre and concert hall is the perfect combination between architectural aesthetics and acoustic quality.

Last modified 01 September 2016

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