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Parks and gardens

Lugano's parks and gardens are renowned for their beauty and excellence. All parks are in fact among the greatest community assets.

Lugano's tradition in gardening, as it was conceived in the past, has led to the strengthening of the image of the City. However, this tendency to look at this memorable tradition is now disappearing due to the increase of costs. Despite the high costs, the City of Lugano has tried to find a solution in order to preserve the natural heritage of the City. This is the reason why the City of Lugano has invested money in the care of the botanical heritage as well as the numerous infrastructures of parks and gardens.

Parks range from those with ornamental gardens, through to playgrounds, to scenic lookouts and to nature parks.

  • Parco di Pian Casoro
  •  Roccoli di Scered
  • Parco Tassino
  • Area di svago di Bré
  • Parco di Villa Heleneum
  • Parco di San Michele
  • Parco e sentiero degli Ulivi
  • Parco Florida
  • Giardino Belvedere
  • Parco Ciani
  • Parco di Villa Saroli
  • Parco San Grato
  • Villa Costanza's park
  • Villa Negroni's park

Other parks and gardens:

  • Parco giochi Piazzale Paride Pelli, between via Serafino Balestra and Via Lambertenghi, Lugano
  • Giardino pubblico Via Pico, via Pico, Lugano-Cassarate
  • Giardino di Villa Favorita, Villa Favorita, Lugano-Castagnola
  • Giardino pubblico di Castagnola, Lugano-Castagnola
  • San Domenico
Last modified 29 October 2018