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Lugano is a modern city with a wealth of opportunities for anyone deciding to relocate there.

The city's steady growth allows newcomers to easily find accommodation, whether they prefer to live in the centre or in the residential, suburban districts. Thanks to bilateral agreements, there is little paperwork for foreigners coming from the European Union.

The city offers a range of training and job-seeking opportunities. Lugano boasts schools and institutes at every level, whilst there are jobs not just in the service sector but also in industrial sectors with many companies being set up around Lugano. In this case too, there is not a lot of paperwork required to obtain a work or study permit.

In order to make Lugano even more liveable, there has been a strong focus on public transport. Bus lines allow people to reach every district whilst trains and Postal Buses serve the area around Lugano.

Last modified 02 September 2016