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Living in Lugano

Lugano is an eminently liveable city. It is not excessively big and problems such as traffic, crime or pollution are very limited. In addition, culturally, the city has always been very dynamic, organising countless musical, artistic and scientific events; a wide range of leisure activities are also available such as sport, excursions and watersports on the lake.

Administratively, most processes are streamlined and rapid and taxation is low, both for residents and companies. Public transport is very efficient and constantly improving.

The city offers schooling for every age group and its higher education centres (University and Professional University School) are amongst the best in Switzerland. Public bodies care about the quality of the social services they offer and, as well as helping people in need, provide a wide array of other services.

Policing is based on the concept of "proximity": a police officer (or police officers, according to the number of inhabitants) is allocated to each district and is tasked with monitoring their area and gathering any complaints regarding security.

With regard to health, there are two public hospitals in Lugano (Civic and Italian hospitals), a centre which is specialised in cardiology and 6 private clinics. They are supported by cutting edge medical and health research.

Last modified 02 September 2016