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Permit to stay

For citizens of states belonging to the European Union/EFTA
Switzerland is a signatory to Freedom of Movement agreements with the European Union and so there are no particular obstacles to the movement of people. In fact it is possible to live in Switzerland without a permit for a period of up to three months; once this period has expired or in the meantime, if work has been found, it is necessary to obtain a permit to stay. Regarding the permit and free movement, you will find all the information here: http://www4.ti.ch/di/spop/stranieri/in-generale/

For citizens who do not belong to European Union/EFTA states (other countries)

New documents for foreigners from other states intending to obtain an L permit for a period of more than four months, B or C will have to contain biometric data, a photo of their face and fingerprints.

Non-biometric cards for foreigners which are still valid and which do not need to be amended, will not be replaced.

In order to obtain the new biometric card the following procedures must be complied with:

  1. Go to the regional Office for Foreign Nationals which is competent for your place of residence with the documentation required for forwarding the application, a valid passport, a passport format photo and your current foreigners permit.
  2. Wait for the decision from the Immigration Office (UM) and follow the instructions.
Last modified 30 March 2015