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The education system of Lugano: from the primary school to the university

The Swiss education system is based on administrative and financial decentralisation. The Confederation outlines certain aspects pertaining to school education such as compulsory requirements, school year duration and number of compulsory school years. Cantons manage their decentralised educational system based on the directives of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education.

The Swiss education system is divided into the following levels:

  • Pre-school – kindergarten
  • Primary level – primary school
  • Lower secondary level – middle school
  • Upper secondary level – vocational training (basic vocational training, vocational baccalaureate training) and general educational training (specialised schools and baccalaureate schools)
  • Tertiary level – second vocational training (federal VET diploma and federal vocational baccalaureate, specialised baccalaureate schools) and universities; institutes of higher education are universities (cantonal universities and federal institutes of technology) and universities of applied sciences, including universities of art, vocational music schools and higher schools of pedagogics
  • Continuing education
  • Special pedagogics
Last modified 30 March 2015